expert Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam adhesiv

Product Description

dermacon expert adhesive is a wound dressing made of a central, mildly adhesive hydrophilic polyurethane foam and is characterised by its easy application and convenient handling.


dermacon expert adhesive provides a moist wound healing environment while simultaneously absorbing the existing wound exudate. The supple dressing is easily applied, gently adheres to the skin and is removable without residue. The foam dressing is latex free.

Range of Products with Package Sizes

10 x 10 cm       PZN 7769755   REF 10115101   10 Pcs/OP
15 x 15 cm        PZN 7769761   REF 10115102   10 Pcs/OP
12,5 x 20 cm    PZN 7769778   REF 10115103    5 Pcs/OP

PZN = central pharmaceutical number

Fields of Application


dermacon expert adhesive is applied for:

Infections require increased attentiveness. It may be necessary to consult the doctor in charge, the wound care manager or the responsible care attendants.


dermacon expert adhesive should not be used in case of third-degree burns or of third- or fourth-degree artery occlusive disease (AOD).

Instructions for Use


The frequency of the change of dressing depends on the exudate production of the wound. At the beginning of therapy, the dressing should be inspected regularly. dermacon expert adhesive may remain on the wound for 24 hours up to 7 days. A change of dressing is strongly encouraged in case of pain, odour or loosened dressing as well as in case of a constantly saturated foam layer. Wound exudate on healthy skin surrounding the wound must be avoided.

Dressing Removal

In order to gently remove dermacon expert adhesive, raise one of the edges and carefully lift off the dressing backwards.

The reuse of the product results in danger of infection and violates the Medizinproduktgesetz (Medical Devices Act).

dermacon expert adhesive